Lee Chen is from China and has been an actress and teacher for over 20 years. She has a MFA in Theatre and Dance and a MA in Education from the American universities and a BA in English and Foreign Literature from China. She performed with Chairman Mao’s propaganda performing troop through out her childhood. Since arriving in the US, she has been in over 50 theatre and dance productions such as  “The Joy Luck Club, “M” Butterfly, The Waiting Room, One Servant to Two Masters, 12 Angry Women” in Chicago, Honolulu and Los Angeles. She also toured her original one woman show “Life Flies” about her growing up in communist China and become an actress in the US. From 2001-2010, Lee left the entertainment business to teach English to immigrants while raising her two sons. In 2011, she came back to show business and has appeared in TV shows: “Good Trouble”, “Arrested Development”, HBO “Veep”, Disney “Girl Meets World”, CBS “NCIS: Los Angeles, TNT “Southland” among others. She has portrayed Chinese mothers in over 30 short and long Independent films including “Midlife, Love Arcadia, When Mom Visits, Dead Bird Don’t Fly (took her to Cannes International Film Festival), Dancing for You (won her a Supporting Actress award) and so on. She taught Beginning Acting classes to undergraduate students for 3 years in the University of Hawaii while in graduate school and taught Creative Drama and movement for children and acting for children  in Honolulu and Los Angeles for over 20 years. Currently, she is a professional actor and a teacher of drama. www.imdb.me/leechen

Lee Chen 中文名字李卉来自中国大陆。她有20多年的表演及教书的经验。她在美国的大学获得表演艺术学硕士学位和多文化教育学硕士学位。在中国拿到英国语言及外国文学学士学位。李卉在童年时参加毛主席文艺宣传队到处巡环演出。来到美国后,在芝加哥,火奴鲁鲁,洛杉矶参演近50多台英文话剧及舞蹈剧其中包括“喜福会,M蝴蝶夫人,候诊室,一仆二主,12个愤怒的女陪审员”。她自编自演的英文独幕剧“人生飞跃”在火奴鲁鲁及洛杉矶都演过。从2001年到2010年, 她退出舞台专心教新移民英文同时培养自己的两个儿子。自从2011年她重返艺术界,李卉在电视剧“NCIS:Los Angeles”“Southland” “Livin’ the Dream” 等出演。并在近30部长片短片中扮演不同的中国母亲角色。长片有”中年”,“爱在阿凯蒂亚“等,短片有”当妈妈来访时“,”断翅“此片在2015年将她带到嘎纳电影节,”为你而舞“使她在加里福尼亚妇女电影节上获得最佳女配角奖。在夏威夷大学上研究生时,李卉教了三年大学生表演即兴课,而且有20年教儿童表演课的经验。目前李卉是一位职业演员并教授表演艺术。www.imdb.me/leechen